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Site Doctor 911 – Our Clients Speak


“First, as a customer you have exceeded my expectation, I find great value in your recommendations and the follow ups with GoDaddy, I wouldn’t find this level of support anywhere.”

– A.A.


“The Doc came to my rescue when I was struggling and at risk of not meeting my website launch date. I had tried other website developers, but they over promised and under delivered… I still had numerous issues on the website.

Fortunately, I was able to find the Doc, he quickly scoped out my requirements and shared his recommendations to get my site launch ready. He was then able to deliver the changes to my website on time. He also included some improvements to the site that I was not expecting 🙂

Thank you Doc…I could not have launched my site on time without your support.”

– Glenn Bernard
Soccer For Change


“Site Doctor 911 has been fantastic to work with. Doc is extremely efficient, well organized and does not miss any details. I particularly appreciate Doc coaching me thru the ins and outs of WordPress and collaborated with me until my site was where I needed it to be. And if I run into problems, Doc is not far away and ready to help. Highly recommend!”

– Vu Ngo
Cloud Coach Consulting Inc.


“More than once, Doc has resuscitated my online presence – challenges with web-site editing, hosting difficulties, email system challenges, etc. I have a legacy website (circa 2006) which Doc is about to rebuild. Without Doc, I would be ‘lights out’.”

Ted Danielson
Meridian Business Advisors


“I run an online gaming community and was building a website. My original developer backed out on me and I was left trying to learn how to build a site on my own as I was unable to afford another developer, or so I thought. After months of self learning, I was able to get my site nearly complete but needed some stuff done that I just couldn’t do.

I found Site Doctor 911 on a local classified site, emailed what I would like done and requested quotes. The response was almost immediate, and the price was unbelievable, I wish I would have known about the Doc months ago. Needless to say, I hired the Doc to assist me.

The Doc was very fast to reply to my emails and I was very impressed with the work provided. Not only were my site requests completed, the Doc also took the time to explain some of what was being done so I could work on it myself, if need be, in the future.

All in all, I look forward to working with the Doc again in the future, the level of technical skills, the pricing and the over all experience was amazing and surpassed my expectations. If you or someone you know is seeking any kind of website assistance, I highly recommend contacting the Doc, you will be just as impressed as I am. Thanks for everything Doc.”

– Dale Bouvier
DOA Community


“Site Doctor 911 was the perfect choice when I was looking for someone to create a website for me. Doc is professional, accomplished, creative, and excellent to work with.

Doc’s brilliant at creating a colorful and attractive web design, and responds quickly to any request I make for changes or additions, no matter how small. It is a joy to work with the Site Doctor.”

– Kathy Ackley
Mystery Writers Tours


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